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He tried to remain patient and calm, pretending to be as lifeless and weak as before. Finally, his head swimming, Zaku was allowed to breathe. Ayame and Shizune blushed crimson as they caught a glance at her exposed nether regions before the skirt fell back into place. She could feel all three holes burn deliciously as desire consumed her, the continuous sawing in her ass and pussy creating a raging fire the split right up her middle. Tsunade sighed and easily drained the bottle of alcohol. He ended the attack as the last one fell, panting with a smirk on his face.

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Luckily the law was in their favour. There will be no time limits and the fight ends when one of the contestants forfeits or is no longer able to fight. Naruto and Kiba soon found themselves outside the vet. Without warning, however, his attention was otherwise diverted. Tsunade, who had been gapping in shock at Natsuko's skill during the battle, snapped out of her trance and pointed at the two dragons. Another fire dragon, even larger and hotter than the last, erupted from Sasuke's mouth. The Heat jutsu slammed into Sasuke's fireball making it turn a blinding white, as the flames became many times more intense, before exploding outwards, sending a shockwave of scorching hot air in all directions.

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With his free hand, Kagari stroked the shaft of his cock, his hips swaying as he finished his orgasm. Another roar snapped his attention to the left just in time to roll out of the way of his dragon that was somehow still chasing after him. She turned a deep crimson when she saw both Naruto and Natsuko standing in front of her as she sat completely naked on the bench, her legs spread wide and her hand buried in her pussy. I heard you were back but I didn't believe it! On the other hand, a part of her found the idea rather appealing.
Her loud, but muffled, moans soon pushed Naruto two overboard and he joined his 'brother', spilling his massive cum load down the willing girl's throat, keeping her nose pressed against him so that his cock was shooting its boiling white magma directly down to her belly. Natsuko barely noticed the use of her father's name as she walked into the arena, and she didn't care enough for it to bother her. A short time later Naruto spoke up. If she was thinking of the same vet that he was thinking of, chances were she would be going home alone to give the two of them some private time. The seal was always visible, for the simple reason that it was always drawing youki from the beast and into the vessel.

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