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Athletes often have a slow pulse, young children have quick pulses. Gen-Z buys diamonds differently. All the theory is useless if you're unsure of your diagnosis. The changing setting in which Chinese medicine is practiced in modern versus ancient times, especially with the advent of advanced technological medical diagnostics, has raised questions as to the value of pulse diagnosis. The subject of pulse diagnosis was first tackled in an organized manner by Wang Shuhe, who lived during the 3rd century A. I've been practicing for over five years now and have a busy practice; but, I'm totally disheartened about my abilities. This is the excess version of the knotted pulse.
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Body Meridians Schematic Diagram Flow Direction

Thus the more oxygen we breathe the more ATP will produce. A pulse that is palpable by light touch and grows faint on hard pressure, usually indicating that the illness is in the exterior portion of the body. Connecting to the Organs There are twelve major meridians that run on each side of the body, one side mirroring the other. All aspects of human health, including physiology and pathology, diagnosis and therapy, are rooted in this remarkably reliable system of polar forces and cyclic energy transformations. It transfers down toward the foot, and then it rebounds from the foot back up and on through the body. If I may ask for you email address I can certainly send you some photographs. A long pulse with moderate tension may be found in normal persons, but a long and stringy pulse indicates excess of yang, especially liver yang.
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The Treatment of Colds and Flu with Chinese Medicine | Acupuncture & Herbs in Boulder, CO, Colorado

Indeed, the set of pulses that Flaws mentioned hearing repeatedly in China is the most basic set that must be learned and is similar to what was described above by several authors as the key categories. Presumably, what is being detected is the improvement in the flow of qi and blood under the influence of the acupuncture needles. For the sake of simplicity, we will divide the Jing Luo network into two major categories: In a Chinese medical text there will be some discussion of normal physiology, but the bulk of the text deals with patterns of disharmony and their resolution. If you have ever seen an acupuncture model and have wondered what the several points or dots on the body are, they are the location points for specific meridians.
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This article was inspired by my work with Kishi on our book, Sei-ki: The yin meridians are relatively medial — that is, along the soft surfaces closer to the midline of the body; and the yang meridians are relatively lateral — that is, along the harder and bonier surfaces toward the outside of the body. Unfortunately, that was how the Chinese classics were written, all the meanings of the ancient terms were given within the text metaphorically. Upper part more affected by Yang pathogens, i. In a broad evaluation conducted in Hong Kong, it was reported that specific pulse categories are more commonly found with the initial stage of illness, versus more developed and advanced stages of an illness Who has won a noble price on the idea that oxygen equals qi?
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